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Testimonials & Letters

  • LA's Hottest Celebrity Breakfast and Brunch Restaurant Loves Fuzzy Brush
    That’s right, Toast Bakery Cafe owners rave about how their patrons “just love Fuzzy Brush” -Said Partner K.C.Alen The cast of Entourage, The cast of the ‘Hills’, and Nikki Hilton are but a few of our guests.
    LA's Hottest Celebrity Breakfast and Brunch Restaurant Loves Fuzzy Brush
  • New York Times Company 'About.Com' - Fuzzy Brush featured
    The Fuzzy Brush thoroughly cleans your teeth and freshens your breath. It is easy to manipulate and use and requires no water or toothpaste.
    New York Times Company 'About.Com' - Fuzzy Brush featured
  • Teen PEOPLE Magazine, USA
    Coated with a peppermint-scented powder, the mini bristles whisk away food bits and bacteria as they freshen breath – just chew and toss. We think it’s a brush with greatness!
    Teen PEOPLE Magazine, USA
  • New York Times Company (about.com)
    Yes it delivers! The Fuzzy Brush thoroughly cleans your teeth and freshens your breath. It is easy to manipulate and use and requires no water or toothpaste.
    New York Times Company (about.com)
  • INSIDE MS Magazine, USA
    Fuzzy Brush has to be one of the more ingenious items on the market. It requires no toothpaste or water. It’s basically a tiny toothbrush you can pop into your mouth and chew like gum. It’s easy to carry in a purse or pocket. Fuzzy Brush is meant for use when regular brushing is inconvenient.
    INSIDE MS Magazine, USA
  • G B Midwest Mailing & Shipping Systems, Inc. USA
    I’ve used Fuzzy Brush and think it’s a great idea, whose time has come. Now we don’t have to worry about when are we going to be able to brush our teeth after a meal, because we can do it immediately, with Fuzzy Brush. So simple and has an appealing flavor that makes my mouth feel fresh again. Hat’s off to the makers of Fuzzy Brush.
    G B Midwest Mailing & Shipping Systems, Inc. USA
  • GLAMOUR Magazine, USA
    Put this mouth-refreshing mini toothbrush head in your mouth and chew for up to 20 minutes as you would a wad of gum, then throw it away. Road test result: “It felt like a mouth massage and had an addictive taste – so good I chewed several!
    GLAMOUR Magazine, USA
  • VC Play Meter Magazine, USA
    Fuzzy brush was one of the most interesting, and I’m sure talked about, products at the last trade show! I would love to present to our readers the history of how it was developed
    VC Play Meter Magazine, USA
  • CH(CPT) Steven Bryant
    Sir, Thanks for your support. The Soldiers of Task Force Hammer often live in austere conditions where your product is most helpful. They have enjoyed using the fuzzy brush. As you may know I am a Chaplain in Iraq for an Engineer Battalion. We have our own ministry center for our battalion where soldiers can come to get out of the heat and relax in a caring environment. We have many items on the “free” table for the Soldiers. The box of Fuzzy Brush that you sent through my mother went fast. As you know soldiers are honest in their opinion. They were quick to let me know they like the fuzzy brush. Thanks again for your help.
    CH(CPT) Steven Bryant
  • Bless you, Pat
    I forwarded your e-mail to Steve — you are just the best!!! I pray that this business will grow beyond your wildest dreams. God will bless you for your generous heart. (You surely got that from your Mama!) Steve is a chaplain in the Army with troops in Afghanistan and will be traveling there probably this week. Look at the maps in the back of your Bible. Ur — the place where Abraham was born — is where Steve is stationed. Thanks again for your generosity!
    Bless you, Pat
  • Alicia M. Beard
    I saw these on a recent trip to New Orleans and think they are the coolest things! How can I purchase them for my family? Any help will be greatly appreciated……..Thank you!
    Alicia M. Beard
  • A.Osbourne
    Thank you so much for that quick response and the info. I look forward to doing business with you guys……..these things are awesome!!!!
  • Erica, New Beauty Magazine
    Just wanted to thank you so, so much for the Fuzzy Brush you were so kind in sending! It made my day! I tried one of the brushes and there are no words — this is by far the coolest smile product I’ve ever seen. Many thanks again for taking the time to be a part of NewBeauty. A copy of the mag is on its way. You should receive either today or tomorrow. Would write more but I have to go crank out a second-to-none write-up for ya! Can’t wait for you to see! Hope you have a great day!
    Erica, New Beauty Magazine
  • Greg Burke Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
    I have a full-time job getting my 8 year old Daughter Makenna to keep up on her dental hygiene. Brushing her teeth in the morning and night is about a 80-90% accuracy rate, and what kid would be cought dead bringing their toothbrush to school, right? Guess what? in a Holiday store in Grand Marais MN of all places came the Zuess of all tooth-fairies, a little gizmo called Fuzzy Brush that is small enough to stick in her lunch bag, and most importantly, that she actually ENJOYS using! imagine that ! an 8 yr old in grade 3 enjoying brushing her teeth ! Well, I don’t worry about her teeth anymore, because even if she does miss her morning brush, she has her fuzzy-brush in the bag for lunch time. Thank’s Guys, what a great Idea !
    Greg Burke Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
  • Sunday Times - UK
    ….passengers will be impressed by Excel”s latest in-flight gizmo, handed out to adults on meal trays — new “fuzzy brush” miniature toothbrushes… passengers simply chew on them, to clean teeth after meals. “It”s really refreshing,” said Adrian Spurrier, from Birmingham, flying back to Gatwick.
    Sunday Times - UK
  • M – Co. Tipperary, Ireland
    I purchased one of your Fuzzy Brush and I thought they were excellent.
    M – Co. Tipperary, Ireland
  • MM – Manchester, UK
    I have just had the pleasure of using your Fuzzy brush… my son is opening a new restaurant and I think it would be a good addition
    MM – Manchester, UK
  • JM – Manchester, UK
    Congratulations on supplying the world with such a useful hygienic appliance
    JM – Manchester, UK
  • Front Magazine – UK
    Fuzzy Brush is a belter of an idea… long live Fuzzy Brush!
    Front Magazine – UK
  • American Salon Magazine – USA
    This is a fantastic product and the introduction in our American Salon creates wonderful exposure and recognition for Fuzzy Brush Ltd; recognition well deserved.
    American Salon Magazine – USA
  • SR – LWT Television, UK
    Thanks for supplying “Temptation Island” being made by LWT
    SR – LWT Television, UK
  • CA – London, UK
    I tried one at the Ideal Home Exhibition and I”m hooked!
    CA – London, UK
  • DPF – Peacehaven, UK
    I would like to say after being given a Fuzzy Brush on an Excel airways flight… what a brilliant product, especially in a hot climate when I want to clean my teeth but have no facilities, this solves the problem… I will definitely be ordering more in the future and will recommend to friends
    DPF – Peacehaven, UK
  • J&F Entertainments - Austria
    In Atlanta at the exhibition show we were very impressed with this product
    J&F Entertainments - Austria
  • Home Shop International – USA
    What a Great Idea!
    Home Shop International – USA
  • JA – Idaho, USA
    I found your fuzzy brush about a month ago and I just love them! …every one I show them to loves them and can’t get enough of them. I love telling people about them. Actually, I take a couple wherever I go, and I never end up enjoying them for myself. I am always giving them away.
    JA – Idaho, USA
  • KS – Birmingham, UK
    I just felt I had to write and tell you what a great idea Fuzzy Brush is, …I have a fixed brace top and bottom and have found it slightly embarrassing when I go out for a meal and have to take a toothbrush with me; this is a much better idea as it fits in my handbag better!
    KS – Birmingham, UK
  • SN - TV News London, UK
    Just thought you’d like to know your Fuzzy Brush is proving very popular with our clients. They are tickled pink to have one included in our make up for TV kit, and think the whole idea of a Fuzzy is terrific. So, thanks again for the supply.
    SN - TV News London, UK
  • CS Teen Magazine – USA
    We are trying to compile “the ultimate college survival kit.” ….We would like to include some of your Fuzzy Brush in this section
    CS Teen Magazine – USA
  • JT - STA Travel, UK
    We love the fuzzy brush!!!
    JT - STA Travel, UK
  • BG - Roberta Gale Show, MRR Radio 920, USA
    I want to write you a thank you letter and send you a tape of Roberta talking about the Fuzzy Brush. Hope to hear from you soon. PS the brushes are so good Roberta cant stop using them herself. And our listeners love them, we are already out of them.
    BG - Roberta Gale Show, MRR Radio 920, USA
  • Sherri
    Just went to town today and picked them up. I love them! Thank you so much! My kids even like them! This is such a good idea! Thank you ricky!! Xox
  • Hi Ricky, Placed machines today and have six more stores wanting product. Need the two packs. Received samples.