Available in handy, stay fresh, resealable packs that contain 3 or 10 brushes
… hanging on clip strips on dental isles, snack isles, next to tills or travel products

Over the years 1,000’s of customers have written or emailed us to suggest that Fuzzy Brush should be available in the shops.

So, for 2014 onwards we have created ‘stay fresh, re-sealable’ pouches that carry 3 and 10 Fuzzy Brushes in our best selling flavour – Coolmint.

The pouches come in a pre-packed box of 2 ‘clip strips’ that carry 12 pouches per strip (24 per box) – ready for display straight from the box.

Clip strips provide a space saving solution and lend themselves perfectly to the nature of the product as an ‘impulse’ purchase for sale next to the cash till or near travel accessories/dental products on the shelves.

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Contact details for European & International sales

Jim Drew Managing Director Email:, Mobile: 07885 466009

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