Crystal Extra Strong Mint

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Make teeth-cleaning your priority, even when you’re out and about, with a pack of Crystal Bubblegum Fuzzy Rocks. These unique sugar-free mints contain Xylitol, which breaks down plaque, repairs your tooth enamel and kills bacteria, to ensure your winning smile is accompanied by wonderfully fresh breath.

The Bubblegum flavour is fantastically refreshing – and it’s made much sweeter by the fact that each pack contains just 96 calories! By consuming one Fuzzy Rock each day, you can reduce plaque and bacteria by up to 50%, leaving your mouth healthier and happier than ever. Keep a pack of Fuzzy Rocks handy and say goodbye to tooth decay forever!

Additional information

Additional information


3 packs @ £1.99 – £5.97, 10 packs @ £1.79 – £17.90, 20 packs @ £1.59 – £31.80, 50 packs @ £1.39 – £69.50, 100 packs @ £1.09 – £109.00

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