How to Use – Fuzzy Brush

How to Use

  • Grip the brush between your teeth as shown in diagram (1) and with your teeth swivel the brush from left to right.
  • Then use your tongue to move the brush around your mouth… similar to the way you would use chewing gum.
  • While chewing, the bristles brush across and between your teeth removing plaque and food particles.
  • At the same time Xylitol and mint is released from the brush that kills harmful bacteria and freshens your breath.
  • With practice you should be able to quickly and discreetly clean all your teeth – back and front.
  • When you’ve finsihed, try breathing air inwards through your teeth – the same effect you have after normal brushing…

It usually takes practice with 2-3 brushes before you get used to chewing the brush and it’s a bit strange at first, but with practice… we promise… Fuzzy Brush really works!