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Fuzzy Rock is made from the Xylitol crystals that coat Fuzzy Brush and they taste great! They are refreshing, actually keep your teeth clean and highly beneficial for your oral health, unlike other sugary sweets. Each pack contains only 96 calories and are a great sweet alternative for kids! They are also suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and vegans. Try them… and you’ll be buying more!

The Benefits of Xylitol

Xylitol is a natural sweeter found in many fruits and vegetables.  What makes Xylitol different from other plant-based sugar substitutes (such as Stevia) is that it actually promotes oral health.  According to a 2011 study undertaken by the EFSA Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies, there is sufficient scientific evidence to support the claim that Xylitol neutralises plaque acidity on teeth and repairs tooth enamel.

These days it’s common knowledge that eating sugary foods is bad for your teeth (and your health in general).  Ironically, the problem isn’t the sweetness itself, it’s that sugary foods actually create acidity in the mouth.  In particular, they lower the pH level of saliva, which is usually what protects our teeth from bacteria.  Using products which contain Xylitol helps to raise the pH level of saliva and hence protects against bacteria.  The fuzzy brush is particularly effective as, not only does it contain Xylitol, but the nature of the product is such that it encourages chewing and this, in turn, stimulates the production of saliva (at a healthy pH level) which coats teeth and helps protect tooth enamel.

In fact, Xylitol can literally kill the form of bacteria which is mainly responsible for causing plaque (Streptococcus mutans).  Basically Streptococcus mutans ingests Xylitol but is unable to process it as food and, furthermore, is unable to process any other food (such as glucose) while it is full of Xylitol.  This means that ultimately these harmful bacteria simply starve to death.   Xylitol is completely harmless to the “good” bacteria in the mouth, which help to promote oral hygiene.

Continuous use of Xylitol creates a desirable environment for healthy mouth bacteria and an undesirable environment for unhealthy plaque bacteria. After 5 weeks of eating at least 6 grams of Xylitol each day, sticky plaque bacteria will no longer be found on teeth.

After 6 months of continuous Xylitol use, these bacteria will be undetectable in saliva, on teeth and on the tongue. You can get started today with Fuzzy Brush.